An equitable exchange.


Community Shared Agriculture

A Farm Share forms a bridge that enables an equitable and secure exchange of food that transcends the consumer-producer relationship and becomes a relationship of co-production and community.

Commonly called a CSA or Community Shared Agriculture, a Farm Share is a pre-season investment in good clean food that enables us to stabilize up-front costs and commit a solid six months to the cultivation of organically grown foods for our share members.

Shareholders buy a share of the harvest at the beginning of the season and pick it up or have it delivered weekly from mid-June to mid-October.


Share Details

The basis of our Farm Share is a 16-week Vegetable Box packed with bright, flavourful vegetables that we pick at peak readiness.

In addition to the Vegetable Share, Shareholders have the option of adding a Meat Share and an Egg Share and a Micro Share to their Share Box.

The weekly Egg Share provides you with a dozen fresh eggs from our pasture-raised, organic grain-fed Americana, Icelandic, and Standard Red hens.

The monthly Meat Share is a generously packed 10lb box of select grass-fed Lowline Black Angus beef and Heritage Breed pasture-raised pork.

And the fresh-cut Micro Share is packed with a mixed selection of pea shoots, sunflower shoots, kale & broccoli blends, salad mixes and herbs.

Share Options
Vegetable Share

$495   Farm pickup in Sylvan Valley

$545   Sault Ste. Marie pickup at The Country Way

$545   St. Joseph Island pickup at  Fannie's on the Island

$595   Home Delivery

Egg Share

+ $125   1dz Eggs / Per Week

Meat Share

+$475   10lb Beef & Pork Box / Per Month

Micro Share

+$255  1 Mixed Box  Microgreens / Per Week


Sign Up


1.    Download the Sign Up form

2.    Fill it out digitally 

3.    or print and  take a picture of it 

4.    Email it to

5.    We'll then respond to confirm

The Fine Print

I understand that a CSA is based on the idea of shared risk and reward. In the event that the weather gets a little rocky or the farm is dropped with a calamity of uncontrollable proportions that a Share Box is not guaranteed. On the flip side, I understand that given a run of great weather I may be sharing Share Box surplus with friends and family. 

I also understand that my Share Box will be donated if I don’t pick it up during pickup time.

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